Visit Nepal 2020: Welcome To The Country of Himalayas

Unquestionably, Nepal, a country of Himalayas is known for its mountain peaks. Nepal has eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga — the world’s tallest and third tallest respectively.

Having eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. Nepal is a hot spot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people seeking adventure.

Even more, Nepal’s attractions extend from cultural heritage to rich environment spectrum from the highest mountain to the Terai.


Since Nepal opened its doors to tourism in the early 1950s and Hillary and Tenzing first climbed Mt. Everest in 1953. After that Nepal’s natural scenery and the cultural art of its people and history mesmerize the majority of visitors throughout the world.

Even Lord Shiva during ancient times settled back in Nepal due to its fascinating Hindu pilgrims to visit holiest places. In addition, the birth of Lord Buddha has drawn attention to the global Buddhist community. No doubt, Nepal is a fascinating country for its nature, culture and adventure destination in the world tourism.

Tourism in Nepal

Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and one of the major sources of foreign exchange and revenue. After the accomplishment of Visit Nepal Year 1998 and Nepal Tourism Year 2011, the Government of Nepal and the Tourism Board of Nepal presented Visit Nepal Campaign 2020.

On the other hand, in 1998 A.D. there was the launch of visit Nepal 1998 coin to promote visit Nepal 1998. First, it declared for 2018 which postponed to 2020 later.  

According to the National Tourism Board (NTB), the total number of foreign tourists visiting Nepal in 2017 stood at 940,218 and the number reached 1,173,072 in 2018. Similarly, the total tourist arrivals in January 2018 were 73,178 while it was 91,703 in January this year with a 25.4 percent growth rate.

 Likewise, a total of 89,507 tourist visits in February 2018 while it was 124,421 this February. Nepal earned Rs 67.09 billion in foreign exchange from tourism in the fiscal year 2017-18, 14.6 percent up from Rs 58.52 billion in 2016-17.

What is Visit Nepal 2020 & What to expect?

Visit Nepal 2020 is a Nepal’s Tourism Year which is officially conducted by Nepal Government(Nepal Tourism Board). Visit Nepal 2020 welcomes people to come to Nepal and explore the divine natural beauty of the country.

visit nepal 2020: place you must visit

The main aim of the visit year 2020 is to bring as many tourists in the country and explore the beauty of the country. If Nepal can do this, certainly it will help them in economic growth.

A vision of  “Visit Nepal 2020”

Tourism is one of the important factors in Nepal which will help in the Nepal economy. As our country possess an attractive, safe, exciting and unique destination through conservation and promotion. Our country is leading to getting the tourism benefits and greater harmony in society.

A goal of  “Visit Nepal 2020”

Continuing the spirit, 2020 is now the dedicated ‘Nepal Tourism Year’ , targeting 2 million tourist arrivals. Nepal is realizing the potential of the Tourism industry to grow and contribute to the economy.

Nepal government has decided to encourage more travelers to come to Nepal with the theme of “Visit Nepal 2020”. According to the Government of Nepal(Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation) the theme of “Visit Nepal 2020” main goals are as follows:

  • Increase annual international tourist arrival to Nepal to two million by 2020
  • Creating economic opportunities and increase employment in the tourism sector to one million

Objectives of “Visit Nepal 2020”

A year concentrated on the tourism industry intending to bring millions of tourists each year by 2020 which will help to establish Nepal as a tourism hub and enhance this industry with local tourism. Some of the major objectives are as follows:

  •  Improving the livelihoods of the people across the country by developing integrated tourism infrastructure, increasing tourism activities
  • Generating employment in the rural areas enhancing the inclusiveness of women and other deprived communities.
  • Spreading the benefits of tourism to the grassroots level
  • Developing tourism as a broad-based sector by bringing tourism into the mainstream of Nepal socio-economic development
  • Publicizing, promote and enhance the image of Nepal in international tourism source markets
  • Enhancing aviation security, extend air connectivity and improve capacity and facilities of national and international airports with the cheapest rate
  • Visit Nepal 1998 was successful. Now it is a huge challenge for Nepal tourism board members to make  Visit Nepal 2020 as successful as of 1998.
  • Attracting new foreign investment which helps to grow the economy of the country

Is Visit Nepal 2020 really worthy?

There is no argument in saying that Nepal is one of the most beautiful places in the world for traveling. Undoubtedly heaven to a traveler from the hypnotizing Himalayas, diverse culture, scenic beauty, Nepal has it all. That’s why we believe every travel lover, every adventure seeker should visit Nepal for vivid life experiences.

Why you should visit Nepal?

Undoubtedly Nepal is considered one of the safest destinations in South East Asia, Nepal is known for its welcoming nature & country of Himalayas. People are super friendly and are hospitable giving you plenty of reason to put a smile on your dial. At the time of visiting areas such as Chitwan National Park, you’re likely to see a variety of rare wildlife species.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

Between October and December is the best time to visit Nepal as the skies are generally clear and the views spectacular & immaculate. The weather remains dry until about April.

Major Tourism Sites


Kathmandu Durbar Square
Kathmandu Durbar Squre

Kathmandu which is one of the oldest cities in the old is also the capital city of the country. The city is famous for Temples and momo. Pasupatinath is one of the famous temples in Kathmandu Nepal. Tourism in Kathmandu valley is the biggest opportunity and the challenges too.

Bhaktapur durbar square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur is also renowned as Bhadgaon which is a museum of medieval art and architecture. With many fine examples of sculpture, wood carving and colossal pagoda temples dedicated to different gods and goddesses. UNESCO enlisted Bhaktapur for its rich culture, temples, and wood, metal and stone artworks in world heritage sites. Pottery and weaving are its major traditional industries. The city is closer to Kathmandu valley.


patan durbar square
Patan Durbar Square

Patan lies in Lalitpur District which is one of the major cities of Nepal. The city lies at 3 km south-east of Kathmandu. The city is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples with fine bronze gateways, guardian deities, and wonderful carvings. Even more, renowned for the city of artists for its amazing craftsmen and metal workers. It is believed that the city was built during the reign of Vira Dev in 299 A.D.



Pokhara, an enchanting city is the starting point for the majority of tourists. It is one of the most popular trekking and rafting destinations. The magnificence of the fish-trail summit of Machachhapuchhre (6,977m) rising behind it create an ambiance of peace and magic. Likewise, the serenity of Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake provides extra ingredients to vivid moments. Fewa lake is most visited in Pokhara in Nepal.

Pokhara is home to thick forests, gushing rivers, clear lakes and the immaculate views of the Himalayas. Located 200 km west of Kathmandu, air, and road connects to the city. Pokhara offers magnificent views of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Machchhapuchhre, five peaks of Annapurna and other peaks.


lumbini: Birthplace of Gautam Buddha

Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam is the pilgrimage destination of the world’s millions of people faithful to all schools of Buddhism. Gautam Buddha was born in Kapilvastu, Nepal around 500 B.C. He is also known as the ‘Light of Asia’ and “The Enlightened One”. UNESCO’s enlisted Lumbini in World Heritage sites in 1997.

One of the major attractions of Lumbini remains the Sacred Garden which spread over 8sq km, possessing all the treasures of the historic area. Over there you will explore the main temple so-called Mayadevi Temple, a site traditionally considered the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. West to the Mayadevi temple you will notice the oldest monument of Nepal, the Ashoka Pillar.

Emperor Ashoka erected the pillar in 249 BC to mark his pilgrimage to the sacred site. To the south of the pillar, we will find the sacred pond (Puskarni) where Queen Mayadevi had taken a bath just before giving birth to Lord Buddha. Places of various interests surround the area There are other places of interest too nearby. It is accessible by air from Kathmandu to Bhairawa. If you love to go via vehicle it will take around 8 hrs from Kathmandu.


Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is one of the popular national parks in Asia, renowned for its diverse wildlife and top class tourist lodges. Even more, it provides the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat.

The name Chitwan is a composite of the Sanskrit words “Citta” meaning heart and “Vana” meaning jungle or forest. Thus, the meaning of Chitwan is Heart of the Jungle.

One of the largest forest regions in Asia teeming with wildlife such as the rare one-horned rhinoceros. Likewise, several species of deer, sloth bear, leopard, wild boar, freshwater, dolphin, crocodile, more than 350 species of birds and the Bengal tiger. UNESCO enlisted Chitwan National Park(world heritage site) in 1984 A.D.

Visitors can enjoy an elephant back ride, nature walks, canoe trips, and jungle safari. Visitors may also take a river raft. The most thrilling part of a five-hour drive to Chitwan from Kathmandu is filled with an amazing view of the hills, rivers, and plains with jungles on either side.


Amaazing view from dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is scenic and town situated 30 kilometers east of Kathmandu on the Arniko Highway. Standing at the place one can have a panoramic view of the Himalayan range. From the main town, a short visit to Namobuddha, with stupa and Buddhist Monastery is a highly recommended site to visit. Panauti, a village popular for its countless temples with magnificent woodcarving, is just a minute away from Dhulikhel.

Muktinath & Jomsom

Muktinath temple
Muktinath Temple

It is believed that all miseries/sorrows will be relieved once you visit this temple. The famous temple of Lord Muktinath lies in the district of Mustang and is situated about 18km northeast of Jomsom at an altitude of about 3,749m. The main shrine is a pagoda-shaped temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Set into the wall around it is 108 waterspouts from which pour holy water.

The temple is situated on a high mountain range and is visited during fair weather. There are two ways to get to Muktinath from Kathmandu. Either take a direct flight from Kathmandu via Pokhara to Jomsom and hike for 7-8 hours via Kagbeni or trek all the way from Pokhara which takes 7-8 days. It is believed that one should visit this temple after competing pilgrimages of four Dhams in India.

Hindus, as well as Buddhists, held sacred in the temple. The Jwala Mai temple nearby contains a spring and an eternal flame fed by natural gas underground. Jomsom is a major center in the Annapurna region. There is a world-class accommodation facility in Jomsom from where one can enjoy the remarkable natural beauty.

Major Religious Sites

In Nepal, religion fills every aspect of life with festivals, daily rituals, family celebrations, and religious ceremonies. At every step, one can see temples and shrines, devotional music & bhajan. Although Nepal is popular as the world’s only Hindu Nation but also Hinduism, Buddhism and other faiths loving & living together in tolerance and harmony.

Pashupatinath Temple

pashupatinath temple
Pashupatinath Temple During Night

Pashupatinath is one of the four major religious sites in Asia for followers of Shiva. Built-in the 5th century and later rebuilt by Malla kings, the site itself is said to have existed from the beginning of the thousand of years when a Shiva lingam was discovered here.

A deity, Pashupatinath is an avatar of Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity. He is the masculine counterpart of Shakti. The five faces of Pashupatinath represent various incarnations of Shiva; Sadyojata (also known as Barun), Vamdeva (also known as Uma Maheswara), Tatpurusha, Aghor & Ishana. It is the most visited temple in Kathmandu Nepal.

Pashupatinath Temple worship timing is from 4 am to 12 noon and again from 5 pm to 9 pm in the night. The main temple stays closed from 12 noon to 5 pm. Every night Aarti(worship) starts from 6-7:30 pm.

How you can get there?

There are regular bus services from Kathmandu (from Ratna Park or City Bus Station) to Patan. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Goshala, the stop for Pashupatinath.

Electric so-called Safaa tempos depart from near the Ratna Park office in Kathmandu and drop near the temple at Ring Road, west of Pashupatinath.


swayambhunath temple
Swayambhunath During Night

Located at the heart of the Kathmandu valley, Swayambhunath is ancient religious architecture of Nepal. The beliefs and practices date back to the time of its establishment. Prince Siddhartha Gautam who was born in Lumbini in the southern Terai in about 534 B.C.

The young prince led a sheltered life in the palace till the age of 29, completely unaware of the problems and suffering of the world outside his palace wall.

One day he convinced his charioteer to take him outside the palace, where he was shocked at the sight of an old man, a sick man, a corpse and an ascetic.

The realization of the true misery of the world persuaded the prince to abandon his luxurious life and goes into the forests to seek enlightenment to end human suffering. For many years, Gautam practiced asceticism without success.

One night beneath a peepal tree in the forest of Bodh Gaya he became enlightened. At the age of eighty, he passed into the final enlightenment.


Gosaikunda lakes
Immaculate view of Gosaikunda Lake

Gosainkunda Lake is one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations of Nepal situated at an altitude of about 4,360m. One of the best ways to get to Gosainkunda is through Dhunche, 132km to the northeast of Kathmandu. A motorable road is linked from Kathmandu to Dhunche.

High mountains surround on the north and the south, the lake is grand and picturesque.   Saraswati, Bhairav, Sourya, Ganesh Kunda, etc are some of the major lakes you should explore over there.


Manakamana Temple

Manakamana temple place at an altitude of 3900 ft offers very good views of the Ganesh, Manaslu, and Annapurna Himalayas. The surrounding village though is a combination of 2nd World War wake and Nepali pub rock. Every day hundreds of making the journey to worship at Manakamana’s Bhagwati Mandir.

For Nag Panchami, in early August or late July, celebrants construct an entire shrine from leaves and blossoms. Visiting Manakamana is a Nepali thing to do, and you will feel as if you have received an initiation into the society even if you don’t sacrifice a goat.


pathivara temple
Pathibhara Temple

Pathibhara Located on Top of Haaspokhari and Kutidanda in Mechi Highway is Known as small Pathibhara regarded at Taplejung as the younger sister of Pathibhara.

From this hill covered with the forest, one can have a view of plains, Mahabharat Range and Mount Kanchanjunga. This location with loads of transport facilities seems to have feasibility for Gliding. Thousands of individuals pay homage to the goddess Pathibhara.


Jaleshwar Mahadev

jaleshwor mahadev
Janakpur: Jaleshwor Mahadev

This historic of Jaleshwar Is Located from the city of Jaleswar, Janakpur zone’s headquarters. Jaleswar Mahadev is one of Nepal’s prominent places of pilgrimage and is mentioned in the Hindu epic, Padam Purana.

According to legend, a hermit named Jagadish arrived in the lonesome forest of Jaleshwar and had a dream in which he was directed to conduct excavation at the spot. In accordance with the dream, he began digging and soon found an image of Jaleshwar Mahadev. He then built a temple with some gold, which he brought from a place called Sunukhadagarh.

Just in front of Jaleshwar Mahadev temple, there are two sacred ponds namely Barunsar and Kshiresar. During the Ram Navami Bivaha Panchami festival, thousands of pilgrims assemble at these ponds.

Dolakha Bhimsen

dolakha bhimsen
Dolakha Bhimsen

The upper Area of Dolakha Township is Located Bhimeshwar’s temple a.k.a Dolakha Bhimsen. The people of Dolakha regard Bhimeswar as their supreme lord. The roofless temple houses a Shiva Linga, underneath which is a holy pond. Fairs are held at this temple on such occasions as Bala Chaturdashi, Ram Nava, Chaitra Astami and Bhima Ekadashi. During the Dashain festival, people sacrifice goats here.

Approximately 200 meters from the Bhimeshwar temple is the temple of Tripurasundari where devotees assemble during the festivals of Chaitrastami and Dashain.


Clear view of Swargadwari

In the western part of the district of Pyuthan (Rapti Zone) lies Swargadwari, a place of Hindu pilgrimage. Swaragadwari lies almost 26 kilometers south of Khalanga Bazar, the district headquarters of Pyuthan. During the festivals of Baisakh Poornima and Kartik Poornima pilgrims from different parts of Nepal and India come to pay homage.

Adventurous Things To Do in Nepal

Mountain Climbing

mountain climbing in nepal

The Nepal Himalayas is the greatest in the world with eight peaks that rise above 8,000m including the highest in the world, Mt. Everest. Ever since the country opened its peaks to climbers in 1994, the Nepal Himalayas has become a great theatre of mountaineering activity. The drama of success and failure has forced thousands of men and women to meet the ultimate challenge. Nepal Himalayas has been an attraction to many people from around the globe; be it adventurers, travelers, or mountaineers.


trekking in nepal

The best way to feel Nepal’s unbeatable complement of natural beauty and culture riches is to walk through them. One can walk along the most thrilling trails or virgin tracks. Either way, you are in for a lifetime experience or capturing every single moment.

Explore with forests of rhododendron, isolated hamlets, and small mountain villages, birds, animals, temples, monasteries, and breathtaking landscapes. Even more, you will also encounter friendly people of different cultures offering a fascinating glimpse of traditional rural life.

Bird Watching

bird watching in nepal

With over 646 species, Nepal is a paradise for bird lovers. A fascinating fact is almost 8% of the world’s total of birds and among them, around 500 hundred species are found within Kathmandu Valley. Phulchoki, Godavari, Nagarjun, Bagmati river, Taudaha and so on are the most popular bird-watching spots in Kathmandu. Get your binoculars and look forward to a rewarding experience.

Mountain Flight

mountain flight in nepal

Mountain flights offer you the closest aerial views of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, and the Tibetan Plateau. Just awe-stricken silence can come close to matching the experience of going on a mountain flight to encounter the tallest mountains on earth.

Fly to the top of the world on a mountain flight.

The flightseeing tour takes you near the highest peaks in the world. From travelers to adventure seekers it has become a popular tourist attraction of Nepal. For those time-restricted people or other considerations from going for a trek, these flights offer a panoramic view of the Himalayan in just one hour.

Rock Climbing

rock climbing in nepal

For all those cliffhangers out there, we got a challenge for you. Kathmandu offers a roster of stone walls that make for an adventure of a lifetime.

Rock climbing has become adventurous things to do in Kathmandu, which offers some really terrific places for rock climbing. Nagarjun, Balaju, Shivapuri, and Budhanil Kantha are some of the places where you can try this sport.


kayaking in nepal

Undoubtedly, a river rafting is one of the best ways to explore the typical cross-section of the country’s scenic beauty. As we all know Nepal is a paradise for adventurous sports. There are countless rivers in Nepal which offer excellent rafting or kayaking experience. So far, the government has permitted 10 rivers for commercial rafting.

The Trisuli river is one of the most popular of Nepal’s raft able rivers. Similarly, Kali Gandaki is considered as one of the best places to do white water rafting along with the scenic beauty of beautiful villages and temples. Likewise, Bhote Koshi is 26km of continuous white water and the raging Marshyanghi is four days of uninterrupted white water.

As the longest river in Nepal, the Karnali river provides some of the most challenging trips during the adventure. The Sun Koshi about  27km, requiring 8-10 days to complete, is a big and challenging river.

Agencies here provide life jackets, camping and the standard rafting gears needed by world-class rafting. A widely popular sport in Europe, Canyoning is now possible in Nepal. Canyoning gives you the freedom to explore some of the most ruggedly beautiful, dangerously alluring, yet forbidden places in the world.

Hot Air Ballooning

hot air balloning in nepal

Hot air ballooning is very popular in Nepal as it serves the most spectacular bird’s-eye view of the sunrise, the Himalayan ranges and peaks and mesmerizing landscape view of the lake that just lies below you. On a clear day, it’s a superb way to view the Himalayan (from over 6000m up), and the view of the valley is equally breathtaking.

Due to geographical complications, Hot Air Ballooning is only operated in Pokhara. Feel the breathtaking view, feel the Himalayas and float like a cloud. Once in a lifetime, you should not miss this thrilling adventure.

Bungy Jumping

bungy jumping in nepal

Its time to feel the ultimate thrill of a Bungy jump in Nepal at one of the best sites that adventurous sport can boast of anywhere in the world. One of Nepal’s first bungy jumping site is situated at 160m high. Over the Bhote Koshi river, inviting you to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in the surroundings of this amazing place. No worries, most experienced jumpmasters usually operate the jump.


paragliding in nepal

Paragliding in Nepal can be a truly awe-inspiring and lifetime experience for the adventure-seeker. A trip will take you over some of the best scenic beauty on earth, as you share the atmosphere with eagles, kites, Himalayan griffins vultures. Even more, a beautiful hamlet, monasteries, temples, lakes, and jungle, with a fantastic view of the breathtaking Himalayas.

Ultralight Aircraft

ultralight aircraft in nepal

Ultralight aircraft take off from Pokhara and offer incredible views of the lakes, mountains, and villages. This is a perfect way to see life from a new perspective. The choice of Pokhara Valley for ultra-light aircraft is appropriate chiefly because of the proximity of the mountains, and the scenic lakes. For those who wished they could fly like a bird, this flight is a must.

It might be lonely at the top, but the stunning view from the top certainly makes it all worth it. Beginning from September to June, you can start your adventure directly from Pokhara airport. The flights take place from early morning to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to sunset every day during these months.

Mountain Biking

mountain biking in nepal

Over the past years, mountain biking is gaining much popularity among adventure enthusiasts around the world. Due to geographical diversity, it’s a mountain biker’s dream adventure that comes true. Mountain Biking is the fastest-growing sport in Nepal with great single track, amazing trail and multi-day adventures throughout the Himalaya,

Seeing a breathtaking view of the Himalayas from the seat of your bike with two legs empowering you to every single moment. Mountain biking serves you an environmentally sound way of exploring this wondrous country, its landscape, and living heritage. Fulfilling every mountain biker’s dream comes true there are plenty of trails and dirt roads in Nepal you should be exploring.

 If you wish to explore urban centers of Nepal such as Pokhara and Kathmandu as well as the countryside, mountain biking is highly recommended. Adventurous souls may plan trips to such exotic places. Mountain bikes are available for rent in many of the bicycle rental outlets in Nepal and around the city.

Jungle Safari

Jungle safari in nepal

National Parks is located especially in the Terai region in Nepal which attracts visitors from all over the world.

A visit to these parks involves game- stalking by a variety of means such as foot, dugout canoe, jeep, and elephant back. Likewise, at every elephant safari, you can have a clear sight of one-horned rhino or more.

Similarly, you will see the rhinos, wild boars, samburs, spotted deer, sloth bear, four-horned antelope. A Royal Bengal tiger may surprise you by his stunning appearance.

Final Thought

One of the world’s most captivating places, a country of geographical diversity. No doubt Nepal is a country with rich, diverse natural and cultural attractions.


Happy Reading 🙂

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