11 Best Momo in Kathmandu Valley

Momo is one of the most consumed foods in Kathmandu, Additionally in Nepal. Kathmandu isn’t only renowned for temples but also famed for Momo. Momo is known to arise in Tibet, they have since migrated to become a comfort food staple in various regions.

Nepal is going to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020. In that year Nepal can taste its visitors and guest about the Nepalese favorite food momo. Momos are generally steamed dumplings with various fillings to vegetables and cheese from meat. Momos are road food and a favorite relaxation.

Types of Momo in Nepal

Likewise, you are not limited to a single flavor. There are more than 12 varieties of Momo consumed in Nepal. If you are roaming around the valley don’t forget to give a try to this delicious stuff. Here are some of the Momo’s varieties you should not miss:

  1. Steamed Momo
  2. Fried Momo
  3. Jhol Momo
  4. Paneer(Cheese) Momo
  5. Vegetable Momo
  6. Tandoori Momo
  7. Pork Momo Soup
  8. Chilly Momo

Steamed Momo

Nepali Steamed Momo
Delicious Steamed Momo

It is one of the massively consumed types of Momo in Nepal. It is prepared simply combining flour with ingredients inside using a steamer. Buff & chicken momo are usually steamed momo.

Fried Momo

Crunchy Nepali Fried Momo
Crunchy Friend MOMO

As the name itself says fried, momo is such a crunchy that you will thank me later.

Jhol Momo

Jhol usually means a soup where momo is deep down into a bowl of soup. Momo with soup & achar will make you fall in love. Just give a try.

Delicious Jhol Momo
Jhol Momo

Paneer(Cheese) Momo

Delicious Cheese Momo
Paneer(Cheese) Momo

Momo is stuffed with Paneer(cheese) and served with achar. Though it seems unusual to consume momo with dairy products, it can be an option for you.

Vegetable Momo

Nepali Vegetable Momo
Nepali Vegetable Momo

Also called greens momo which is usually prepared from Spinach, cabbage. It can be a decent choice for vegetarian who wants to feel the taste of Nepali Momo.

Tandoori Momo

Chicken Tandoori Momo
Source: CookingShooking

Momos are deep-fried with a slight crunch with sweetened barb sauce, bell peppers, onions.

Pork Momo Soup

Nepali Pork Momo
Delicious Pork Momo

It sounds weird when you hear a pork momo. Although it is not the most consumed kind of momo it has its own significance. This Momo is influenced by Chinese soup. Although it seems weird to take this kind of momo it can be a unique experience for momo hunters.

Chilly Momo

Nepali Chilly Momo
Chilly Momo: Spicy & Delicious

Also known as C. momo is regular momo dipped in a hot and spicy sauce. If you are willing to try something hot and spicy then, C. momo can be your best answer. Try this once and later, you will feel once is not enough.

Likewise, People often search the best momo near me but they don’t get the exact suggestions.  I am going to tell you some best momo places that you must visit if you are a momo lover. Here is the list of Top 10 Momo Places in Kathmandu you should give a try:

Best Momo Inside Kathmandu Valley

Narayan Dai Ko Momo

best momo in kathmadu
Source: M&S Vmag

Narayan Dai ko Momo is one of the oldest and Famous Momo in Kathmandu Which is located at Ratopool, Kathmandu. It has also 2 outlets, one in Basantapur and another in Jhochhen.  You can get a typical type of Nepali momo here. You can find the best Jhol momo here. People Who love Jhol mostly visit this place. You Must try Narandai ko Momo if you are a momo lover. Foodmandu and Bhoj Deals will deliver Naryandai ko momo to your door.

Recently they have opened a new outlet in putalisadak chowk.

Best Momo in Kathmandu
Source: M&S Vmag

Price: Buff  150 Per Plate


 Kharloom at Sukedhara

best momo in kathmandu
Source: food_forestt

Kharloom Momo isn’t the oldest but certainly, among the favorites places for momo fans in Kathmandu.  Kharloom is one of the cheap restaurants in Kathmandu for momo. We can taste varieties of momo. You Can get veg momo, Chicken Momo, Buff Momo, Paneer Momo, Sausage momo at Kharloom Momo. People from different places of Kathmandu see this place. Mostly College students and school pupils visit this place. kharloom serves one of the best momos in Kathmandu.

Location. 200m ahead from Sukedhara chowk towards Nilopool.

Bota Momo

best momo in kathmandu

Pic Source: http://www.botamomo.com/

Bota momo was established on May 21st, 2015 by concept to serve and bring the best quality food and restaurant chain  Nepalese market. Bota momo was first open at kumaripati. You can get varieties of momo like Steam momo, kothey momo, C momo(Sea momo), Open momo in bota in bota momo menu. Botha Momo is one of the best places to eat in Kathmandu. You can get the Varieties of Jhol Momo Here. The price of the momo depends upon the order you make. The price range is between 150-300 NRs. Bota momo is one of the best restaurants in Kathmandu for momo.

Bota Outlets
1. Bota Kumaripati: 9802055040
2. Bota Kamalpokhari: 014419400
3. Bota Anamnagar: 015705078
4. Bota Jhochhen: 014224033
5. Bota Kausaltar: 016636711?
6. Bota Chakrapath. : 014374704
7. Bota Pulchowk. : 015010685

 Delicious Momo Jamal

Best Momo in Kathmandu

Pic Source: M&S Vmag

Delicious Momo is one of the oldest Momo in Kathmandu which is located at Jamal. You can get varieties of momo in this place. People visit this place for big momo. You can get veg, buff and chicken momo here. Delicious is in the list of best momo in Kathmandu.

Delicious Momo is one of the most established Momo in Kathmandu which is situated at Jamal. You can get assortments of momo in this spot. Individuals visit this spot for big mom. You can get veg, buff, and chicken momo,    C momo here.
Veg Momo: 120 per plate
Buff Momo: 140 per plate
Chicken Momo: 180 per plate


Momo Magic

best momo in kathmandu

Momo magic is one of the best momo outlets in Kathmandu which was established in 2000 A.D. It has different outlets around the Kathmandu valley.  You can get buff momo, chicken momo and veg momo with the typical type of Nepali achar in momo magic. Some of the outlets of magic momo are :

  1. Maharajgunj Teaching Hospital, next to the Tata Showroom
  2. and Kupandole Height, next to New York Pizza.
  3.  Putalisadak
  4. Panipokhari
  5. Naxal   

Everest momo

Everest Momo is one of the famous and old momos in Kathmandu. This outlet used to sell more than 1000 plates momo per day. It has different branches in Kathmandu whereas the outlet in Naxal is the oldest one. You can also find Everest momo in Thamel. People mostly like jhol here.

Price: 120 per plate


Sandar Momo Kalopul

Sandar momo Kalopul is local famous momo in Kathmandu valley. It is also one of the oldest momos in Kathmandu. Momo is famous for its Jhol which is different from others. Sandar momo is also the cheapest momo with good quality.

On the other hand, a location for this Sandar momo is just 50 meters ahead from the Kalopul towards Gyaneshwor. You can get veg momo, buff momo, and chicken momo here but buff momo is consumed more here.

Price: Buff momo 90 per plate

Dharahara Momo Center

Dharahara Momo Center, Sundhara
Dharahara Delicious Momo

Located just near the side of Dharahara, Momo center is the most popular over a decade. Previously it was just inside the Dharahara premise but due to it earthquake, it is shifted just a few meters away from the area. For me it one of the best momos ever I have eaten. A major attraction of the momo is its ingredients and achar as well.

Momo Mantra

Nepal: Momo Mantra at Mid Baneshwor

Momo Mantra offers a variety of momos such as Thakali mutton style momos and pork momos. Apart from that, you can get regular buff and chicken momos. It is situated at Mid Baneshwore and Kamaladi.

Thamel Momo Hut

Nepal: Momo Hut Thamel

Momo hut is located just the center of Thamel. At Momo Hut you can order the weirdest versions of momos. There are sweet ones like filled with Snickers, apple or chocolate but also salty like Peanuts, mushrooms, Cotton cheese. The prices are higher than normal momo, but if you want to try something new, Momo Hut is your place.

Darjeeling momo

Darjeeling momo is another famous place for momo in kathmandu. U Can find varieties of momo at Darjeeling momo. You can also get Momo, chowmein, alunamkin , fried rice, thukpa n many more delicious dishes.