Markhu Kulekhani | A Small Heaven Near Kathmandu

Markhu Kulekhani

Markhu Kulekhani a beautiful small village situated in Makwanpur District. Kulekhani is famous for fishing, boating, hiking, trekking. Kulekhani is not far from the capital city but also it lacks tourists. Distance from kathmandu to markhu is 43.8 km ( via Kulekhani Phakhel Pharping Road).

We can reach from Kathmandu in a couple of ways. To start with, by driving on a vehicle through the Dakshinkali-Hetauda roadway. The second one is by climbing around 19-20 km from Naubise. If you are interested you can take a vehicle from Naubise to Kulekhani. However, since the Dakshinkali-Hetauda roadway is significantly more help than the Naubise-Hetauda course explorers once in a while utilize that course. But kulekhani is famous for hiking and mostly people trek from Chitlang to Markhu. Markhu is famous for boating. In Markhu, there is a lake called Indrasarovar which is the only one man-made lake in Nepal.

Markhu Kulekhani

People generally want to go for hiking in markhu Nepal. It has been a new tourist destination for the kathmandu valley people who wants to go for a refreshing tour for a short time for busy schedule people. People who have their own vehicles can drive early morning from kathmandu. They will reach within 2-3 hours in markhu. They can enjoy it there and return kathmandu. So this can be the one-day holiday destination for valley people.

Chitlang Village

Chitlang, a small paradise about 22km south from Kathmandu Valley. Chitlag village is one of the famous tourist destinations. Chitlang is famous for its homestay and Chitlang organic village resort. Many people visit this place and stay at chitlang organic village resort. Different types of Package have been provided by the chitlang organic village resort. So people chose according to that package and visit this place.

Markhu Kulekhani

Besides Chitlang organic village resort there are other homestay and hotels for tourists. You can find a jeep from thankot to chitlang if you are a solo traveler. Chitlang offers a peaceful day in nature & wonderful landscape and you can be refreshed. You can also visit sheep and goat farm while you are in chitlang.

Fishing in Markhu

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